Morphosis is a research project exploring the aesthetic potentialities of adaptive and lifelike behaviors and materials. Resulting from artistic concerns related to the phenomenology of living systems, the project proposes to experiment with different materials, sensors, actuators and algorithms, in order to develop new aesthetic experiences involving feedback couplings between the audience and artificial artificial agents.

The project involves robotic systems that learn by themselves how to navigate in their environment. We modify the “body” of the robots by adding silicon-based “shells” inspired from different kinds of living and non-living structures. Our hope is that different shells will force the robots to find different strategies of motion through trials and errors.

This collaborative project lies at the intersection of two artistic practices that come together and complement each other closely. Sofian Audry comes from the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning and creates digital works based on the design of artificial behaviors. Rosalie Dumont-Gagné comes from the field of visual arts and has been developing for more than 10 years an installation practice featuring kinetic, luminous, and sonic sculptural environments evoking forms of life.

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